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It matters who is in the room

I am finally through the most demanding months associated with my current academic appointment, and have been working on the planned entry on how mentoring networks can help address the complex interplay of promotion, tenure and privilege in the academy. … Continue reading

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Bad rubrics, worse than none at all?

Are there some circumstances in which development of pre-tenure faculty evaluation rubrics work to the disadvantage of departments? I asked this question when we started working on our first round of rubrics a few years back.  After spending time researching … Continue reading

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The Other Ways that Faculty Evaluation Rubrics Help

If created, are rubrics helpful to pre-tenure faculty?  Are they helpful to tenured faculty making the evaluations? At one level, the benefits of faculty evaluation rubrics are obvious.  They provide some level of guidance for pre-tenure faculty. But, through our … Continue reading

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Developing Faculty Evaluation Rubrics

It has taken much longer than I had anticipated to put this second entry together.   I am certainly not destined to be a high volume blogger! In my previous entry I posed this question:   Can department based faculty evaluation rubrics … Continue reading

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Rubrics for Promotion and Tenure?

Nine years ago, after spending the first 25 years of my academic career avoiding department administrative roles, I found it necessary to become a department chair.  Two years ago, I moved to a role as the Associate Dean for Faculty … Continue reading

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This blog is designed to be a source of information and advice regarding the promotion and tenure process in research universities.  The intended audiences include: Pre-tenure faculty Mid-career Associate Professors Senior faculty mentors The content draws heavily from public domain … Continue reading

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